Warranty Procedures and Delivery Problems

In this section you'll find information and guidance on getting your bike delivered and what to do if you have a warranty or delivery issue.

Delivery Notes & Guidance:

Once your bike is delivered, we highly recommend taking photos of the outside of the box and its general condition while it is still sealed, especially of any areas of the box that may appear to be damaged or dented. You should also retain all items of packaging for as long as you may need to return the bike.

You can find more guidance on assembling your bike here but it is critically important that you take extreme care when unpacking the bike and all parts. Do not ever use any sharp instrument or any tool/item to open the packaging that could pass through any protection and scratch or otherwise damage the bike. It is vital that you take extreme care when unpacking the bike and all parts. This means you must also be very careful when removing any wheel(s), handlebars or other items that could potentially scratch/scrape or otherwise damage your bike and its frame/paintwork. We review all cases of claimed damage carefully and we cannot accept liability where you have accidentally damaged your bike when unpacking or assembling it. Every item we send out is throughly checked before it leaves our workshop.

On the rare occasion your bike may have suffered damage in transit; please let us know via e-mail by including your order details, a description of the problem and as many photos of the damage and packaging as possible. After we have this information, we will reply within 5-7 working days to advise you of the solution and request any information as needed. A claim against the courier may need to be made and we will advise of the procedure and timeframe involved on a case-by-case basis.

All damage must be reported to us within 48 hours of delivery AND BEFORE THE BIKE IS USED or it cannot be acted upon and no claims will be considered.

Warranty Claims & Procedure

When you wish to make a warranty claim, please follow the below instructions. No work must be taken out on the product under warranty without prior agreement from us that it can go ahead and will be covered.

Firstly, please e-mail us and include your order details, a description of the problem and as many photos of the issue/bike as possible. Someone from our Tech Workshop will then review your details and get back to you within 5-7 working days with instructions or an official response.

Please note that wear and tear and incorrectly fitted components are never covered under warranty and in some cases we will be forced to reject warranty claims if there is not sufficient evidence that the manufacturer and the product are at fault. Upon this, you have the right to pursue other remedies which may include getting the bike independently inspected by a third party at your cost that we must also agree to.