How to Buy via V12 Finance Guide

This step by step guide will walk you through the simple process of placing an order via our website and making an application for V12 finance.

The most *important* thing about placing a finance order: Only place an order when you are fully prepared and ready to complete the application. Placing an order and then NOT making an application and forcing us to cancel your order may result in you being unable to make further applications.

A few other important things to remember before going ahead;

  • You should only place an order via Finance when you have the time and details needed to complete it. 
  • Some of the details you will need to provide to V12, not limited to; Your address history for 3 years, your employment information, bank account details.
  • If you place an order and don't complete an application soon after, your order will be cancelled.
  • If you are not accepted for finance, your order will be cancelled. You can place a new order with a new application or alternative payment method.
  • You need to place a 10% deposit. You can pay an extra depsoit seperately and we'll issue you a discount code to reduce the order value before you place it. This can be done by several means, so please get in touch via a message, phone or live chat. This can only be done BEFORE you place an order.

Ready to start...? Let's go!

Step One: Checking the finance options on any bike

Step Two: Review all available term options via the selector tool

Step Three: Choose options/variants & add to cart

Step Four: In-cart view before proceeding to check out

Step Five: Checkout Stage One

Step Six: Checkout Stage Two

Step Seven: Checkout Stage Three

Step Eight: Checkout Stage Four


Step Ten: Complete your V12 application - once done, all details will synch and V12 will notify you of the outcome. If accepted, they will notify us automatically.