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We offer a range of cycle repairs, ranging from punctures to wheel builds, and much more. Our team of trained mechanics are here to assist you in any way possible. You can see a list below of our most common services but whatever your needs, just get in touch or pop into our shop!


Bikes are machines. Awesome machines.

They deserve proper care and attention. Regular servicing will help to keep them operating smoothly and reduce wear and tear. This can save you money in the long run and avoid big repair bills from prematurely worn out components.

How often should I have my bike serviced?

How often you should service a bike depends entirely on how often you ride. For someone that only rides a couple of times a week in the summer months, a General Service twice annually should be sufficient. If you ride all year round, in all types of conditions, then servicing four times a year will help maintain the bike in tip-top condition.

Service Options

We offer a speedy service on all servicing options, all servicing is excluding the cost of parts.

Free Visual Health Check

Bring your bike into our store and we'll give it a free visual health check to identify any potential problems.

Full Bike Service

A Full Service includes a thorough strip down and de-grease of all parts, leaving your bike running like new. General service plus:

  • All parts removed, cleaned, re-greased and re-fitted
  • Set up brakes and lubricate
  • Set up gears and lubricate
  • Adjust all bearings
  • Wheels & tyres checked for damage and wear and re-inflated
  • Chain checked and lubricated
  • £80 Excluding Parts

    General Bike Service

    A General Service gives your bike a thorough once over to identify any potential problems. The brakes and gears are checked for wear and damage and then adjusted to give you that extra peace of mind that your bike will ride smoothly.

  • Set up brakes: lubricate cables and adjustments made where necessary. Check pads or blocks for wear and damage. Check mounts for alignment. Change cables, pads and blocks if required- (Chargeable) Bleeding of hydraulic brakes is chargeable.
  • Set up gears and lubricate check both gear mechs for wear and damage and adjustments made where necessary. Change cables if required- (Chargeable)
  • Check bottom bracket for play, tighten cranks where required.
  • Wheels & tyres checked for damage and wear plus re-inflated to the correct pressure.
  • Chain checked and lubricate check chain rings and cassette for ware
  • Frame check for damage.
  • Your bike will be checked to make sure it is safe before you receive it back. If any any chargeable items are required we will contact you for the go ahead and give you a price before any work is done.

    £40 Excluding Parts

    E-Bike Servicing

    We are a qualified Bosch Service Centre and Bosch Diagnostic reports can be supplied for only £25 (Bosch motors only). We are also able to check Yamaha and Shimano motors, so please enquire with any questions or queries.

    The service for E-Bikes is the same as for conventional bikes (excluding parts). At this time we are unable to service Hub Driven motors.

    Punctures on Hub Driven Wheels carry an extra charge due to the issues disconnecting the motor.


    Why is my bike in need of repair?

    Bikes are machines, with moving parts, if those moving parts aren't kept greased and lubricated then it will create friction. The more friction a bike has the quicker parts will begin to wear down leading to parts breaking. Crashing doesn't help either.

    If you can't see the repair or price of a repair you need then feel free to give us a call on 01268 695877.

    Puncture Replacement

    Fit a new inner tube into a punctured tire. Punctures on Hub Driven Wheels carry an extra charge due to the issues disconnecting the motor.

    Gear Setup

    Adjust gearing with a new cable.

    Brake Setup

    Adjust both brakes with a new cable.

    Brake Bleed

    Refilling hydraulic brake fluid, price per brake.

    Wheel True

    Straightening a buckled wheel £1 extra per new spoke.

    Rear Hanger Fit

    Fitting a new gear hanger.

    Rear Derailleur Fit

    Fit a new rear derailleur, prices vary on price of parts.